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Beijing Guanglun Electronic Technology co., LTD. (referred to as "the Guanglun") has solemnly promised to protect the privacy of users who use its interactive products and services.. Below please review an outline of our privacy policy:

What personal information is collected, used, stored and Shared by the Guanglun, and who has access to these personal information;

• what are cookies and how they are used;
• what choose does users of the Guanglun choice when disclosing personal information;
• how the Guanglun user approaches, updates, controls, protects, or deletes his/her information;
• who they will contact with if users have questions about their privacy policies.

The Guanglun is dedicated to providing the user with an internet-based embedded controller operating system customization service.The Guanglun will  implement measures to protect our users' privacy firmly.In addition, we believe it is our responsibility to set an example and help establish standards on the Internet's privacy issues.During the registration process, each service requires users to provide different types and amounts of personal information.The Guanglun seeks to use the data in good faith to provide better service to users.This privacy policy applies to your interaction with the Guanglun website and your use the Guanglun online services .In addition to the provisions of this privacy policy and terms of service and other published guidelines, we will not disclose information relating to the user's personal identity.Note that the Guanglun will check its privacy measures from time to time, so the relevant measures will change accordingly.

We solicit a regular visit to this page to ensure the latest version of our privacy policy.After reading this policy, please contact if you have any questions about “privacy policy “or “related to this privacy policy”.

If you use or continue to use our services, you agree that we will collect, use, store, and share your information in accordance with this “privacy policy”.
The Guanglun collects two types of users' information:

(1)Information irrelevant to personal identity:
When the user comes to our website, we collect and aggregate information such as which pages are accessed, the sequential link of access, etc.Collecting this information involves recording the IP addresses, operating platforms, browser software, etc. Although this information is not personal, we can identify the ISP and the geographic location of its Internet use through its IP address.These unpersonal information help us identify the most popular areas of our web pages and determine the effectiveness of our promotional activities..In addition, we may also disclose this information to our advertisers, so that they know how many people click on their ads.

(2)Information about personal identity:
In some areas of the Guanglun , such as registering new users, users are asked to provide information such as birthdays.When register to join Guanglun technology BBS, the user will be required to provide the name, code, sex, hobbies and interests and other information. The Guanglun collect such information about personal identity is aimed to users can more easily and more satisfied with nimbus of software services.

The goal of the Guanglun is to provide all users with the required TreeOS product services.These personal information can help us achieve this goal.

The source of the above two types of information and the way to collect such information by the Guanglun:
The information you provide

• when registering our account or using our services personal information such as phone number, email and bank card number provided;
• you are sharing information with other parties through our services and the information you store when you use our services.

Your information Shared by other parties

Other parties use our services to provide information about your sharing.

We get your information

We may collect the following information when you use our service:

• Log information refers to the technical information that the system may collect via cookies, web beacons or other means when you use our services automatically , including:
•Equipment or software information, such as your mobile device, web browser or you used to access our service configuration information provided by other applications, your IP address and your mobile device version and the equipment used in the identification code;
•When using our service, you search and browse information, for example, you use the web search words, access to social media page, and you are using our service when browsing or required to provide other details information and content;
• Information about mobile applications (apps) and other software you have used, as well as information about your use of mobile apps and software.
• Information that you communicate through our services, such as the accounts that have been communicated, and the time, data and duration of communication;and
• The information contained in the content you share through our service (metadata), such as the date, time or place of the Shared photo or video that was taken or uploaded.
• Location information means that when you open the mobile terminal device location function and use the relevant service provided by us, we collect information about your location, including:
• When you use our service through mobile devices with location-based functions, we collect your geographical location information through GPS or WiFi.
• You or other users include the geographical position of real-time information, such as your account information contained in your area information, upload you or others according to your current or once the geographical location of the shared information.You can stop the collection of your location information at any time by turning off the location feature.

How do we use your information

We may use the information collected during the service to you for the following purposes:

• To provide services to you;
• When we provide services, for authentication, customer service, security precautions, archiving and backup purposes, to ensure the safety of the products and services we provide to you;
• Help us design new services and improve our existing services;
• Make us know more about you how to access and use our services, to respond to your individual needs, such as language Settings, set position, personalized services and instructions, or to you and other users of our service the responses of the other aspects;
• Provide you with more relevant ads to replace the ubiquitous advertising;
• Assess the effectiveness of advertising and other promotions and promotions in our services and improve them;
• Software certification or management software upgrade;and
• Let you participate in the investigation of our products and services.

In order to let our users a better experience, improve our service or other purposes, you agree on the premise of comply with relevant laws and regulations, we may be through one of our service to collect personal information, to collect information or personalized way, for our other services.For example, when you use our service to collect your personal information, may be in another service to provide you with specific content or show you related with you, rather than the push of information.If we provide the corresponding options in the relevant services, you can also ask us to use your personal information provided and stored in this service for our other services.

Specific personal information protection statements for specific services will be more specific about how we use your information in such services.

How do I access and control your information

We will try to take appropriate technical measures to ensure that you can access, update and correct your registration information or use other personal information provided by our service.When accessing, updating, correcting, and deleting your personal information, we may require you to perform authentication to secure your account.

For your information collected through cookies and web beacons, we also explain the selection mechanisms to you in the following "cookies, log files, and web" sections.

How can we share your information

In addition to the following circumstances, we will not share your personal information with any third party without your consent:

We could be your personal information with our partners and third party service suppliers, contractors, and agents (such as representative or push notification we send E-mail communications service providers, and provide us with the location data of map service provider) share (they may not be located in your field, for the following purposes:

•To provide you with our services;
• Implementation of the purpose of "how we use your information" section;
• Fulfill our obligations and exercise our rights in this privacy policy or in other agreements with you;and
• Understanding, maintaining and improving our services.

As we share your personal information with any such third party, we will try to ensure that such third party in the use of your personal information to comply with the "privacy policy" and we asked the abide by other appropriate confidentiality and security measures.With continuous development of our business, we are likely to mergers, acquisitions, asset transfer or similar transaction, and your personal information may be transferred as part of such deals.

We may also need to keep, save or disclose your personal information for the following reasons:

•You authorize or agree to the disclosure of the Guanglun;
•Comply with applicable laws and regulations;
•To observe the court order or other legal proceedings;
•To comply with the requirements of relevant government bodies;
•We think to comply with applicable laws and regulations, safeguard social public interests, or to protect our employees, our customers, other users, or the personal and property safety and reasonable interests or the lawful rights and interests or public safety required;and
•According to the terms and conditions of the service and the relevant provisions of the statement, or any other circumstances that the Guanglun deems necessary.

How can we preserve, store, and protect your information

We reserve your personal information only within the time limit required for the purposes stated in this privacy policy and within the time limit required by the laws and regulations.

We use various safety techniques and procedures to prevent information loss, improper use, unauthorized access or disclosure.For example, in some services, we will use encryption techniques (such as SSL) to protect the personal information you provide to us.However, please understand that due to the limitations of technology and the limitations of risk prevention, even if we have tried to strengthen the security measures, we cannot always guarantee the safety of 100% of the information.You need to understand that the systems and communication networks that you use to access our services may be subject to problems beyond our control.

Tips for sharing information

The user of Guanglun can always choose whether to disclose information.Some information is required to register our services, but most other information is provided by the user.The Guanglun will be the first of the users' comfort and choice.

Special tips on information updates and publicity

The Guanglun encourages users to update and modify their personal information to make it work.The user can easily obtain and modify his personal information at any time.Users can decide to modify and delete their information.Please remember that whenever you  disclose your personal information voluntarily, such information may be collected and used by others, thus causing your personal information to be leaked and the Guanglun  will not be responsible.Therefore, we remind and ask you to consider carefully whether it is necessary to disclose your personal information.

COOKIES, log files, and WEB beacons

By using Cookies, the Guanglun provides users with a simple and personalized network experience.A cookie is a small amount of data that is sent from a web server to your browser and on a computer hard disk.The Guanglun uses Cookies to benefit its users.For example, to make the login process of tools such as AlphaMCU even faster, users can choose to have a user name and password in a single cookie.So the next time a user wants to log in to our service, just click on a button.Cookies help us to determine the pages and content of your connection, the time you spend on a particular web page, and the services you choose.

Cookies can also tell us which ads you see on our website.In summary, Cookies are your id card placed on a computer or server on Guanglun.Cookies can only be read by their servers and can't execute any code or virus.Cookies make the Guanglun and faster for you, and make your experience on the web more personal.However, you should be able to control whether and how your Cookies are accepted by your browser.Please check the files attached to your browser to get more information about this.In short, the Guanglun uses Cookies as a convenient experience that allows users to switch from one service to another without proving their identity.

We and third-party partners may collect and use your information through cookies and web beacons and store such information.

We use our own cookies and web beacons for the following purposes:

•Remember your identity.For example, cookies and web beacons help us identify you as our registered user, or save you to provide us with your preferences or other information;
•We can use cookies and web beacons to see what activities you use our services, or which web pages or services are most popular.and
•Advertising optimization.Cookies and web beacons help us to provide you with ads that are relevant to you rather than general advertising.

While we use cookies and web beacons for the above purposes,the collection of non-personal identity information collected through cookies and web beacons may be provided to advertisers and other partners,which used to analyze how you and other users use our services and use them for advertising services.

Our products and services may have cookies and web beacons placed by advertisers and other partners.These cookies and web beacons could collect not related to your personal identity information and to analyze the user how to use such services, and send you you might be interested in advertising, or to evaluate the effect of advertising services.These third party cookies and web beacons to collect and use such information is not subject to this privacy policy constraints, but is restrained by its own personal information protection statement, we are not responsible for third party cookies or web beacons.

You can reject or manage cookies or web beacons through a browser or user selection mechanism.Note, however, that if you disable cookies or web beacons, we may not be able to provide you with the best service experience, and some services may not work properly.At the same time, you will still receive the same number of ads, but these ads will be less relevant to you.


We may use your information to provide you with more relevant advertising.

If you don't want to us your personal information will be used for the advertising purposes, you can through the relevant instructions we provide in the advertisement, or in a particular service provides the selection mechanism, asked us to stop using your personal information for the above purposes.

The email and information we sent to you

When you use our service, we may use your information to send email, news, or push notifications to your device.If you do not wish to receive this information, you can choose to cancel the subscription on the device according to the instructions we sent to you.

Announcements relating to services

We may issue a service announcement when necessary (for example, when we suspend a service due to system maintenance).You may not be able to cancel these services and properties that do not belong to promotion.

Third party services in our service

Our services may include or link to other services provided by third parties (including websites).We provide links to you through advertising or other means of our service so that you can access third-party services or websites.
The third-party service is run by the relevant third party.You use this service (including any personal information you provide to such third parties),you need subject to a third party's own terms of service and personal information protection statement (not in this privacy policy),and need to read the terms carefully.This privacy policy applies only to any information we collect.It is not applicable to any third party's service or third party information usage rules, and we do not take any responsibility for any third party's use of the information provided by you.

The scope of this privacy policy applies

In addition to certain services, all of our services apply to this privacy policy.These specific services will apply to specific personal information protection statements.The personal information protection statement of this particular service constitutes part of this privacy policy.If there is any inconsistency between the personal information protection statement of any particular service and the privacy policy, the personal information protection statement of the specific service is applicable.

In addition to this privacy policy, the term "privacy policy" will have the same meaning as the words defined in other public terms of the Guanglun.

Please note that this privacy policy does not apply to the following situations:

•Information collected by third-party services (including any third party website) accessed by our services;
•Information collected by other companies and organizations that advertise services in our service.

This privacy policy was amended

We may modify the terms of this privacy policy at any time, which constitutes part of this privacy policy.If such modifications result in the substantial reduction of your rights under this privacy policy, you may choose to stop using the services we offer you;In this case, if you continue to use our service, you agree to be bound by the amended privacy policy.

Any changes will put your satisfaction first.We encourage you to check our privacy policy every time you use Guanglun.

Finally, you are the only person who is responsible for your account and password information.In any case, please keep it carefully.

Please contact the website coordinator of the Guanglun for the privacy measures of this statement or the Guanglun.The email address is