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In order tounderstand the products of AlphaMCU, TreeOS, ComLib and Kepler11 quickly , please refer to the article《A Major Revolution In The Development of MCU Software Development Mode》.

       For a more detailed introduction, please download 《The Guide To The Use of The TreeOS Internet of Things Operating System》.

       MCU is small and flexible with wide range of applications and very complicated application fields.How to unify all kinds of complex and changeable applications in a system framework is a great challenge for programmers.After years of exploration and practice, we propose a component methpd based software development for scene ,which solves the problem for standardization system software architecture.

       TreeOS is a non-nuclear, component based software, real-time embedded operating system.
     This is a new type of operating system.
     We can view the TreeOS real-time operating system as two parts:
Part I: Designing the software architecture method and also is the component method;
Part two: Software component library.

The following summarizes some features of TreeOS:
       • A real-time operating system that can be applied to various single chip microcomputers;
       • A real-time operating system that is truly applicable to 51 MCU;

       • A new operating system using software component-based technology;
       • A real-time operating system with a driver library;
       •An operating system that helps you complete the tasks of 70-90% software development  automatically;
       • A very simple, universal single-chip operating system.

       TreeOS fills the gap in the market for the unapplicable operating system of the middle and low grade single chip.With the adoption of software component-based technologies, we can further develop software robots that can help engineer programming. This is AlphaMCU.With the click of a mouse, you can easily complete the entire project 70 ~ 90% of the code (customized operating system)!And the code is product-level.All you need to do is writing the rest of the user code.

       TreeOS has beenused in MCS51, STC, AVR, MSP430, STM8, STM32successfully etc. This method is suitable for single-chip microcomputer because of the system of foreground-background in the scene.In practice, however, TreeOS does not target a particular class of computer systems specifically (the component libraries may be different).So TreeOS can also be applied to any other computer system that meets its design requirements such as ARM 7 or PC.

       The applications of TreeOS include industrial control, instrumentation, automotive electronics, civil electronics, medical instruments, communications and other industries.At present, with the Internet of things (including wireless sensor network, intelligent household, etc.) Industry 4.0, artificial intelligence booming, MCU as the mainstay of the application, its development will usher in a period.The Internet of things can be seen as a large and complex network system composed of MCU, which requires standard and urgent need for common real-time operating system.Solving operating system problem,more than 80% of the middle and low frequency MCU must be used!Thus, TreeOS will be able to come to play in these emerging fields.

TreeOS applicable objects:

       • Makers;
       • SCM engineer;
       • Internet of things engineers;
       • Intelligent hardware engineer;
       • Electronics engineers;
       • Electronic technology lovers and so on.

TreeOS is a good teacher for beginners:

       • The intricate relationship between programming ideas and processing tasks is the biggest challenge for beginners.
       • TreeOS provides a large library of programs that can be used not learned.
       • Accelerate the accumulation process of oneself greatly.
       • Start from scratch and get started quickly.

       TreeOS typical customers are: Fangzheng electronics, Qinghua university,Beijing university of technology,Academy of iron and steels, Tianhe minephosphorus industry, Huoshizu coal mine, Shengli oilfield, faw,Chuanbulan creatures, Beijing second thermal, etc...

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