AlphaMCU with writing code system automatically作者: 发布于:2018-02-01 14:29:28

AlphaMCU can generate source code automatically according to circuit principle diagram of customized development platform, including MCU chip on the source code, peripheral device driver (chip or module), middleware, communication protocol, and edge calculation code, etc.

       AlphaMCU is the management tool of the ComLib software component library and is an important component of the TreeOS Internet development platform. 

The steps of AlphaMCU are as follows:
       1. Design the hardware schematic diagram according to the 《Design Rules of The AlphaMCU Schematic Diagram》, and generate the circuit diagram network file (currently only support Altium Designer, specific operation is Design Netlist For ProjectProtel;Or Design Create Netlist in Protel99, generate Protel format network table file);
       2. Log on to the AlphaMCU system as required.If you are new here, you need to register to log in;
       3. The interface is shown below:
       4. Find the path of the network table file generated by step one locally, and import the file;
       5. Click "output code";
       6. Enter your registered email box, and within 0 ~ 24 hours, you can receive code files . They are your "customized development platform".
       7. Import the code file into the IDE, which can be compiled directly.Take some time to add your user programs, and your product software will be easy to complete.

Refer to video:
       1. StepS of AlphaMCU writes code system operation automatically (taking Kepler11 learning board as an example);


       2. The application of AlphaMCU automatic writing code system in intelligent agricultural controller project:


       The TreeOS platform has already packed the software architecture (real-time operating system), initialization configuration of MCU, driver, middleware, interface protocol, etc.Engineers don't need to start from the bottom of the drive like traditional MCU software development process and do not need to set up theirselves’s application development platform can conduct application development directly.It will greatly reduce the time to the development and certification.It also helps enterprises reduce the cycle of the products listed , promotes the upgrading of products and  reduces the total cost of ownership of the products.

       Using AlphaMCU automatic code system, engineers input circuit diagram directly can output  all the required software module.These modules have been configured to modify can be compiled through directly in the development environment .The code that used to be written in the past few months is instantaneous, and by statistics, the amount of code generated automatically can account for 70 to 90 percent of the project.