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In the following terms, "user" refers to an individual or unit registered to be a member of the Guanglun by applying for registration . Beijing Guanglun Electronic Technology co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "Guanglun").

Users agree that the terms of registration online are legally binding on the user, just like the written terms of the user's signature and seal.Furtherly, user agrees that affiliate programs into Guanglun means that you agree all the content of the terms of this registration. And only the user agree to the terms of service completely and complete the registration process can become a formal user.The term of this registration shall have legal effect between the user and the Guanglun from the date of registration.

First  Service Introduction to Gunaglun
TheGuanglun provides members with TreeOS series of software products, technology and network services, and the relevant services provided by the Guanglun are described in the Guanglun website (

Second The Authentication
2-1 User promises and guarantees that he is a natural person, legal person, entity and organization with full civil capacity and full capacity for civil rights.The information filled out by users is true, accurate, complete, timely, and without any misleading or false statements. And ensure that the Guanglun can contact the user through the contact information provided by the user.
2-2 Users shall provide relevant identification timely according to the requirements of the Guanglun for relevant services.Otherwise, the Guanglun shall have the right to refuse to provide relevant services to the member or user. 
2-3 Users promise to update their user information in time to maintain the validity of information.
2-4. If the information or packet provided by the user contains incorrect or untrue information, the Guanglun reserves the right to cancel the membership of the user and terminate the service at any time.
Third Mail And Short Notice 

Users will understand the Guanglun keep contact and communication with registered members by E-mail and short message fully . Users agree that E-mail and short message will be sent about the information of numbers, products ,services,and related commercial and non-commercial contact information by Guanglun.

Fourth Membership Confirmation
4-1 A user name and password will be obtained after the successful registration . The user will enjoy the products and services provided by the Guanglun to its member users with the username and password.
4-2 Users will take full responsibility for the security of user name and password , and users will be responsible for all activities and events carried out by their user name.The user has the right to change the password according to the procedure specified by the Guanglun.
4-3The user name and password shall not be transferred or authorized others to use without the written permission of the Guanglun. Otherwise the user shall bear all the consequences .
4-4 Please inform the Guanglun immediately if you find any unauthorized use of accounts or a security breach.

Fifth Modification of Terms of Service And Modification of Service System
The Guanglun has the right to modify the terms of service when it is necessary. The terms of the service will be prompted on the important page once the terms of the service are changed.If you do not agree to the change , you can cancel the network service actively.If the user continues to enjoy the service, it is considered that you accept changes in terms of service.Guanglun reserve at rights that change its service system and price any time without informing the user. The user reached an agreement on the specific service and has to pay the fees as agreed, the Guanglun shall be executed on the expiry of the agreed service period according to the agreed agreement before Guanglun modify their service and price system.  

Sixth Rights And Obligations of Users
6-1 Users have the right to have name and password and use their own name and password to login to the member zone of the Guanglun website at any time.
6-2 Users have the right to enjoy related services provided by TreeOS, and has the right to accept software technology service, consult and other services. Please refer to the Guanglun related products for details.
6-3 User promise not to use technology or other means to disrupt the website of the Guanglun and other customers .
6-4 Users should respect the Guanglun and other intellectual property rights or other legitimate rights of a third party. In the event of the above incident, we should try to protect the software of Guanglun ,shareholders, employees and partners who are not affected or lost .The Guanglun retains the right to terminate the user's service without refunding any money when the user infringes upon the intellectual property rights of the Guanglun. 
6-5 Owning to the user who provide a wrong contact or all the consequences caused by the poor security and stability of the user's E-mail , the user shall bear liability himself.Including but not limited to the consequences and loss due to the user failed to received the Guanglun of the relevant notice.
6-6 The users ensure that observe related regulations service, comply with national and local laws and regulation ,industry practices and public morals,and don not violate any content of the laws and regulations of the state (information);The user acknowledges that the Guanglun has the right to terminate the service and not refund any money to the user when the user violates the mentioned above. And the user shall compensate for the loss caused by the user's actions to the Guanglun above .

Seventh Rights and Obligations of The Guanglun
7-1 Guanglun shall provide relevant software products and technical services to users according to the service and payment.
7-2 Guanglun promise to adopt external confidentiality for user data ,not to disclose user data to third parties, and not to authorize third parties to use user data .Unless:
7-2-1 Pursuant to the terms of this agreements or other service agreements between users and the Guanglun, contracts, online terms and other provisions of the agreement can be Provided;
7-3 The Guanglun has right to user data.
7-4 The Guanglun has the right to review the user and decide whether to accept the user as a member of the Guanglun or whether to make a transaction with the user.
7-5The Guanglun reserves the right to terminate the service for the user the user's account  when the users in violation of laws and regulations ofor in violation of the national and local ,the terms of this online registration and related regulation of Guanglun product .And in any case, the Guanglun is not responsible for any indirect, accidental, special and subsequent damage.
7-6 Payment that user prepay to the Guanglun can only be purchased for the relevant products, not for use or application for refund of cash.

Eighth Termination of Service
8-1 The users shall have the right to apply for the termination of their membership and one or more of their services in theGuanglun at any time, but no refund may be required.
8-2 The Guanglun have the right to decided to cancel one or more of the service according to actual condition, but should return the rest of the payment for the service. In addition ,the Guanglun does not undertake any responsibility.

Ninth Settlement for Dispute And Application of Law
9-1 All disputes arising from the terms of this service shall be settled through partnership negotiation.If the negotiation fails, the parties agree to submit arbitration to the Beijing arbitration commission and accept its arbitration rules.The time limit for arbitration shall be six months since the date of the dispute.
9-2 The validity, interpretation, performance and dispute resolution of the registration provisions shall be governed by the laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China and the regulations of the computer and Internet industries.

Tenth Force Majeure 
10-1In case of force majeure or any other accident, the performance of this article is not possible, unnecessary or meaningless, and the party suffering from force majeure or accident shall not be unaccountable.
10-2 Force majeure refers to unforeseeable , insurmountable, unavoidable and have a significant impact on one or both parties of the objective events.It includes but not limited to natural disasters such as flood, earthquake, plague ,storm and social events such as war, unrest, government behavior, etc.
10-3 Users agree that  the particularity of the Internet, hacker attacks, connected interrupt
of Internet belong to the force majeure.The loss caused to the user or third party should not be borne by the Guanglun.

Eleventh Supplementary Provisions
11-1If the relevant provisions of this registration clause is deemed invalid by the authority , it should not affect the validity of other provisions, and shall not affect the terms of service, liability for breach of contract and the explanation of dispute about the validity of the contract.
11-2 One change notification, address or other contact information should be from the date of change in a timely manner will change after the contact address, notify the other party, otherwise all the consequences resulting from the change party should bear the responsibility.The user agrees that the notification of the Guanglun shall be deemed to be delivered to the user only on the relevant web page of the Guanglun.
11-3 For listing, takeover, combined with a third party, name changes, such as reason, the user agrees to transfer its rights and obligations to the corresponding Guanglun rights/obligations of bondholders.

Once again, the user is assured that he has fully read and understood the above member registration terms and has voluntarily entered the online registration procedure of the Guanglun member to accept all of the above terms and conditions.