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Lin tianxiao: founder, CEO, chief scientist

Bachelor of physics of Peking University, master, has published many academic papers in domestic and foreign publications.He has been the manager of the sales department of Qingda company of Qinghua university, the director of the factory of qingda instrument factory, and the manager of the business department of huadi computer company of the Hangtian department.In 1999, He started the online electronic street, and started theGuanglun electronics company in 2007.Engaged in software and hardware technology development for more than 20 years, participated in the development of hardware and software projects and products nearly 200, TreeOS inventor, and has multiple invention patents.A high tech project (responsible for software) won the first prize of the whole army science and technology.To be hired as the expert library of the China institute of soldiers.

Liu:Chief operating officer (COO)
Graduated from Peking University.He applied for multiple patents during the tenure of workshop director, technical director, vice President and CEO of high-tech enterprises.Rich experience in product development and enterprise management.

Lin zhenguo: founder, sales director
Graduated from Renmin university of China.I have been engaged in sales work for many years in South Korea SUNKS company. I have been the head of the sales department of the company and have 18 years experience in the sales of electronic products.

Shan: embedded system expert
Bachelor's degree in information engineering and control, Beijing jiaotong university, PhD, department of electronics and information engineering, Hong Kong polytechnic university, PhD in electrical and computer engineering, university of UBC, Canada.Deep embedded theoretical foundation and practical experience.

Wang qi: shareholders, senior management consultants
Graduated from physics department of Peking University, CEO of Beijing new network vision media technology co., LTD.Long-term commitment to the Internet, mobile Internet industry related content development, operation with rich project operation experience.