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Requirements of single chip microcomputer engineer:
1. Major in communication, electronic information engineering, automation, bachelor degree or above; 
2. Proficient in the application and development of single chip microcomputer, with good ability of C programming and program analysis; 
3. Familiar with STC, AVR, STM32, PIC, MSP430, etc.
4. Use protel 99 or higher version of the schematic diagram, PCB;Familiar with keilc51 and other software; 
5. Familiar with analog, digital, power circuit and other peripheral circuits;Have a good ability to read English materials;
6. Aspiring young people from the Internet of things, patient and meticulous, eager to learn, active and self-learning, and more willing to accept challenges; 
7. Experience in electronic product development is preferred; 
8. Experience with vb and vc is preferred.

SCM engineer:
Full-time engineer (20)
Requirements:Minimum 2 years professional experience 
Salary: 8000-25,000 per month

Internship engineer (10) 
Requirement: Possess certain professional knowledge 
Salary: 4,000-6,000 a month

Part-time engineer (10)
Requirement: have more than 2 years professional experience, sufficient time and long-term cooperation
Salary: paid according to the workload

Requirements of Java engineers:
1. Computer or related major, bachelor degree or above;
2.2 years or more Java development experience;
3. Proficient in J2EE technology, familiar with MVC pattern, proficient in various Java development frameworks and technologies: Spring, Struts, iBatis, Hibernate, etc. 
4. Good English reading ability. 
6. Proficient in javascript, AJAX technology and jQuery/Dojo development framework;
7. Proficient in Oracle, MySQL, MSSQLSERVER and other mainstream databases;
8. Object-oriented design and programming experience;Understand UML, XML;
9. Familiar with unit testing tools such as JUnit;
10. Proficient in using SVN, CVS, VSS and other version management software; 
11. Good communication and communication skills, rigorous thinking logic, strong writing ability, independent thinking and learning ability;
12. Cancarry out the database design of the project independently .

Java engineers (2):
Requirements:Minimum 2 years professional experience
Salary: 10000-20000 per month

Marketing specialist (1) :
1. Major in economics, business administration or above, more than 2 years of marketing and marketing experience 
2. Experience in e-commerce network marketing resources and network promotion; 
3. Excellent copywriting skills, good communication and coordination skills;
4. Proficient in Excel, Word, PPT, Photoshop, Coreldraw and other office automation software;
5. Be good at teamwork, communication and expression clear, full of work passion, full of innovative and pioneering spirit;
6. Priority given to electronic company.

Salary: 6000-10000 per month

Cashier and office assistant (1) : 
1. Graduated from college or above, majored in accounting or financial management; 
2. Careful and meticulous work, meticulous, dedicated to the job, good professional ethics; 
3. Have more than 1 year's working experience and have accounting certificate; 
4. Familiar with operating financial software, Excel, Word and other office software; 
5. Understand national financial policy and accounting, tax regulations, familiar with bank settlement business.
Salary: 5000-8000 per month

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