Upload Software

Guanglun encourages enterprises and excellent engineers to share good code to TreeOS ComLib software library!

To do this, the Guanglun allows the provider's name, phone number, and mailbox information to be retained in the code in order to provide better service to the user.

Please send the software to the email:, thank you!

For the software to be uploaded, the following requirements must be met:
1. The code provided must be accordance with the requirements of the TreeOS programming specification and the attention to the development of the ComLib software library documents; in strict;
2. The software copyright belongs to the Guanglun electronics;
3. The electronic verification of the Guanglun must be passed to release;
4. For the name, telephone number and email information of the retained provider in the code, the power of theGuanglun electronic reserve disposal (whether to delete);
5. The Guanglunhas the right to withdraw the software at any time;
(the Guanglun electronics mentioned above refers to BeijingGuanglun ElectronicTechnology co., LTD.)
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