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Guanglun electronics, a venture capital invested by Qinghuayuan, is seeking the next round of financing.The Internet of things operating system is now favored by VC highly . If you are interested in investing, please contact me at 13693369095,

Join TreeOS platform
Welcome MCU, chip, cloud service to join the TreeOS platform!In order to promote your products accurately .Welcome to consult: tel: 13693369095, 
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A customer support
In June 2017, the Guanglun electronics established the smarter device center(SDM+ Center).Welcome the masses of customers came to negotiate cooperation, more than 20 nimbus of electronic hardware and software engineers will give selfless, comprehensive and professional support in the embedded software, intelligent hardware ! 
Welcome to consulting: tel: 13693369095,

The school training
The TreeOS operating system and AlphaMCU automatic writing code system have powerful training functions, which are suitable for beginners in single-chip microcomputer, Internet of things, electronic products and intelligent hardware.Hope to be able to with the colleges of electronic information engineering, automation, Internet of things, such as mechanical and electrical integration professional departments, as well as middle school students and visitors center cooperation, in order to promote students to master relevant technology quickly.
Guanglun electronics will provide strong pressure support in training courses, learning equipment, training lectures, etc.

Welcome to consulting: tel: 13693369095,

Strategic cooperation
Welcome to engage in intelligent city, smart home, intelligent manufacturing, industrial robot manufacturers came to discuss cooperation, Guanglun electronics will be in the Internet of things perception layer, intelligent hardware operating system gives selfless, comprehensive and professional support! 
Welcome to consulting: tel: 13693369095,

Product display
The introduction of the automatic coding system of TreeOS and AlphaMCU caused the unprecedented attention of SCM engineers,electronics engineers, intelligent hardware engineers, iot engineers and electronic lovers.
Welcome to provide related software and hardware products to display products on our website.