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TreeOS ComLib software library is the main component of the TreeOS operating system.This is one of the key points of the TreeOS that is different from other embedded operating systems.

       Because the TreeOS ComLib software library has been updated continuously , please keep an eye on《The Update of The Software Library List》!

Overview of TreeOS ComLib
       The TreeOS ComLib library mainly contains the following four aspects:
       1) Initialization and configuration of various MCU;
       2) Driver of various peripheral chip or module equipment;
       3) Computing library program for middleware and edge;
       4) Generic library programs or templates for scenario.
       That is, the TreeOS ComLib covers the abstraction layer of hardware , driver, middleware, and user layer.

TreeOS ComLib includes:

       • TreeOS_MCU. C (configured template of MCU , common configuration of various MCU);
       •Various common device drivers: for example, TreeOS_KeyBoard. c, TreeOS_I2C. c, TreeOS_RS232. c, TreeOS_RS485. c, TreeOS_HC595. c, treeos_hd61202.c, treeos_pcf8563. c, etc.
       • Common library: such as the edge of operation, digital character conversion, protocol stack for communication, UI library function, etc.
       • The display of user interface : display graphics, display multiple characters ,text box  inputing, time display, simple drawing, etc.
       • Data access: mainly data reading and writing templates for E2PROM, FLASH, SD card, etc.
       •Common scene libraries and templates such as TreeOS_main, TreeOS_scn_menu, TreeOS_scn_input_asc, etc.
       • Program templates for user layer.

       Obviously, the workload to build such a component library is huge, so long-term practice accumulation is very critical.For users, there are few things to master.Users can easily master some common software artifacts in a small amount of time.In the future, if there are some other requirements, you can always supplement the relevant content.

       These software written by expertsthrough long-term practice can be used in different platforms if configured.It can improve the efficiency of software development greatly .It is also a beginner to learn programming routines.

The features of TreeOS ComLib
       • Comply with the software architecture of TreeOS;
       • Portable to different single chip microcomputer platform;
       • Written by experts and tested by practice;
       • Constantly upgrading and expanding.

How to use TreeOS ComLib
       1. Copy: copy the C files and H files into the file of project according to the project requirements, and transfer the C files to the project;
       2. Configuration: general configuration is performed in H files including conditional compilation , properties, IO definition, special statement, etc.Where configuration is required there is the "/ / M/" flag;
       3. Cut: some subroutines are not needed, and must be commented out so as not to take up memory and ROM space.In general, the "conditional compilation " in H file is tailored.Where the cut is required there is the "/ / M/" mark;
       4. References: include calling subroutines and referencing "special statements".The most common reference to the "special statement" is running in T0 interrupt, such as iSCAN_KEY_TIME in TreeOS_keyboard;
       5. Modify and supplement: some subroutines need to be written according to the actual situation, such as the ReadPress (void) in TreeOS_keyboard.To modify and complement the application, with the "/ / M/" logo;
       6. Templates: some of the files are just a template that provides the architecture only, not specific content (sometimes providing routines), which can be programmed in accordance with the architecture.Also has the "/ / M/" prompt flag.

       Please check instructions and tips are available in each library file. In fact, AlphaMCU  a robots writing code automatically as a configuration tool for TreeOS ComLib.With AlphaMCU, TreeOS ComLib is very convenient and fast.