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"The software" mentioned below include TreeOS ® operating system's software design architecture, all become a part of the software, and other software, including but not limit to TreeOS ® ComLib ,all software generated by AlphaMCU writing code automatically  , all software  contained in all kinds of Kepler11 development board.It has been declared that the copyright is reserved for other units or individuals.

The copyright of this software is owned by Beijing Guanglun Electronic Technology co., LTD.

Without the permission of the copyright owner of this software,unit or individual can not copy, quote, and disseminate all the procedures provided by the software in any way.

This software provides all of the program is only for buyers or authorize users for the use of learning.You can better study and understand TreeOS ® operating system.If you put the software on  your product, after running caused by the software directly or indirectly, any adverse consequences, the software copyright owner will not be any compensation, also does not assume any legal liability.

If you want to use the software  in your product directly, please contact the software copyright owner to register for a fee or free official authorization.

The ultimate resolution of the software and copyright and disclaimer is owned by the software copyright owner.

Note: TreeOS ® is the registered trademark belongs to Beijing Guanglun Electronic Technology co., LTD .